About Us​

We created DataMPowered to solve the biggest problem that we faced as the users of data analytics software – these solutions were built for data analysts and data scientists, not the end users seeking data driven insight. At DataMPowered therefore, we place the end user at the center of our product development strategy to create products and solutions that they can use, regardless of their analytics and data science expertise. Our objective is to eliminate the distortion of requests and insights travelling through several layers and give every end user to actively interact within their technological comfort zone to improve the accuracy and efficiency of decision-making at every level.

Our Culture

We make technology that works for people, not the other way around. Our culture is therefore not centered around developing technology but innovating constantly to provide the simplest solutions to the most complex problems faced by people, using technology. We do our best to foster an environment where our team can pursue its passion for customer success creatively and enjoyably.

DataMPowered’s team is dedicated to driving the business forward with a clear vision to create a user focused paradigm shift in the artificial intelligence & analytics market space. Together, they are the innovative force behind our company.

Dakshan Pothuhera

Chief Strategist and Founder

Dakshan is an award-winning IT leader with a wealth of experience in building product platforms and managing large IT programs that create business value. Based in the Greater Melbourne Area, Dakshan is a customer-focused and vision-driven technology leader who has demonstrated expertise in architecting, directing, and controlling all aspects of enterprise infrastructure, platform and software design and development, and support services. Dakshan’s expertise lies in evaluating complex business and operational processes, systems, and requirements to deliver scalable, reliable, and secure IT infrastructures, networks, applications, analytics, and data management solutions aligned with near- and long-term business strategies.

The DataMPowered Founder